Trade and Wholesale

Wholesale Information

We supply our wild venison and small game to the retail trade in both the UK and abroad.

If you are interested in any of our products and would like to become a valued customer, please call our office on 01796 473 254 to further any enquiries.

Venison Products

All products are subject to seasonal availability

Red Deer

Sika Deer

Fallow Deer

Roe Deer

Haunch Bone inVenison RoastsRed B Trimmings
Haunch BonelessOsso BuccoVenison Bones
SaddleVenison SausagesHeart
Strip LoinVenison BurgersLiver
Under Fillet / Tender LoinVenison MinceGame Pie Mix
Haunch SteaksVenison Diced

Venison Seasons

SpeciesDate FromDate To
Red Deer Stags1st July20th October
Red Deer Hinds21st October15th February
Roe Deer Bucks1st April20th October
Roe Deer Does21st October31st March
Fallow Deer Bucks1st August30th April
Fallow Deer Does21st October15th February
Sika Deer Stags1st July20th October
Sika Deer Hinds21st October15th February

Game Bird Products

All products are subject to seasonal availability

Partridge Oven ReadyPigeon FilletsWigeon
Partridge FilletsMallard Oven ReadyTeal
Pheasant Oven ReadyMallard FilletsSnipe
Pheasant FilletsGrouse Oven ReadyWoodcock
Pheasant MeatGrouse Fillets
Pigeon Oven ReadyGrouse New York Dressed

Game Bird Seasons

SpeciesDate FromDate To
Grouse12th August10th December
Ptarmigan12th August10th December
Partridge1st September31st January
Pheasant1st October1st February
Duck1st September31st January
Snipe12th August31st January
Woodcock1st September31st January

Other Products

All products are subject to seasonal availability

Hare Oven Ready
Hare Fillets
Rabbit Oven Ready
Wild Boar Burgers
Wild Boar Sausages

Please contact our office for any enquiries regarding pricing and availability

Office hours are 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday